UX Improvement to Job Table

Making changes to Job Table to improve the end-user experience. This allows users to see more and hence could easily convert into better actionable plans.

Toggle between Job Status and Job Types

In addition to view jobs by status (i.e. started, completed, cancelled etc), user can now view the different job types, with the new release.

Job table statistics showing job status
Job table statistics showing job types

Batch Edit Feature

Dispatch all - Some users may want to create jobs, plan them nicely before dispatching all to drivers at one go. Others may want to create 1 job, dispatch 1 job. Either way works!

Remind all - When jobs are dispatched to drivers, it will be great news to the controller that drivers acknowledge them(the jobs) instantly via driver app. Some drivers may overlook this responsibility. Worry not! Send a reminder to one or more drivers anytime to their driver app again.

Download all - Previously user can only download 1 ePOD (in PDF or Excel) at a time, now user can download multiple ePOD with a single click. Saving them precious time.

The Power of Advance Filter

User can search jobs based on advance query using "or" or "and" for multiple

Power query using using "any" or "and" filter

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