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Skip Hire App Software for Your Skip Bin Hire Business

Skip Bin Hire Business is complex and labour intensive. Yet, they still run their business with paper job sheets, simple messaging and spreadsheet solutions.

There must be a better way.

The skip bin truck unloading the skip bin with collected waste

Assign jobs to drivers and get realtime updates

Transform driver's manual job sheets into online job forms. Dispatch jobs on your PC to your driver's mobile app and get alerted to job progress.

Dispatch exchange, pull, put, shift bin, direct jobs and more.
Capture bin locations and collected waste types.
Electronic proof of delivery  with job details and photos
Activate sending automatic email to recipients when driver completes their job.

Delivers electronic proof of delivery to customers

Send your customers electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) when job is completed. Includes details such as job completion date and time, customer name, bins locations, collected waste types, photos of waste, site contacts' signature, transport rates, additional services details and more.

Monitor every steps of your business from bin movements to bill payments

Price List for Services

Price List for Services

No more flipping though hard copies for price sheet. Proper pricing table for each customer tagged to sites. Reduce human error with wrong work orders.
Recorded Waste Types

Waste Types Collections

Records single or multiple waste types collection. Photo taking at site locations and photo taking when returning to yard to minimise disparity in collected waste.
Monitor Bin Movement

Monitor Bin Movements

Monitor bin movement and turnaround time to customers' sites. Get alerted when bin overstay at sites. Improve bin counting with mobile app QR code Bin IDs scanning.
Job Types Templates

Job Types Templates

Equipped with numerous built-in job templates to handle different job types such as pull bin, put bin, exchange bin, shift bin, on-the-sport and more.
Driver Mobile App

Driver Mobile App

Driver job forms are built according to their unique job types. The app has built-in validations at every steps to minimise error entries and ensure correct inputs by drivers.
Billing customer fast

Billing Customers Fast

ePOD is sent automatically to customer's email upon job completion. Your business benefit from faster payment when documents are fast.

Mobile apps for your drivers' smart phones.

A simple and easy-to-use mobile app for drivers to update job status with bin details, collected waste, payment collected, photos and signature.

WastePorter Apps that is simple and easy to use for drivers to update job status, take photos and signature and collect payment.
WastePorter integrates billing to Quickbook and Xero Online.
Icons show WastePorter, Quickbook and Xero logos

Integrated billing with Quickbook, Xero online

When work is completed, push work orders and ePOD attachments from WastePorter to Quickbook or Xero. When you send documents fast, you get payment fast.

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Frequently asked questions

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How does the 30 days trial work?

You have full access to the application during the 30 days period. You can invite your team members to join as users and be part of the trial without restrictions. Are you ready to take the first step to digitize your skip bin hire business? Sign up a no-obligation 30-days trial here.

What happen to my account once the trial is over?

Worry not! We will remind you again when your trial period is about to end. You can decide which plans you wish to subscribe and enter payment details for the account to remain active.

In case you choose not to subscribe, your application will be inaccessible after the trial period expires.

When will you start billing me?

Your billing will start after the 30 days trial and you agree to subscribe to our services. You will need to enter your payment details in the system. The payment will be charged each month.

How safe is my data?

We use TSL security encryption which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the internet.

How can i get support?

We have email and chat support available for you. You can either send an email to hello@wasteporter.com or chat live with us by clicking onto the chat icon at the bottom right corner inside the system or from our website.

How can i get demo?

Whe you register your interest with us, we will arrange a 1-hour demo session with you online to show the system and its feature. Book one today and see how we can help you.