Skip hire software for skip hire business.

A better way to manage your services, pricing, sites, jobs dispatching, bins inventory, waste collection & bill your custmers fast - on a single platform. Powerful, affordable & easy to use software for your skip hire business.

Trusted By leading Skip Hire Companies

WastePorter helps these companies connect their business online, improve team collaboration and speed up workflow on a single platform. Their outcome shows smoother operation, business clarity, and happier customers. We offer how you can achieve it too.

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Keep All Your Important Data In One Place.

Convenient Access To Customer Data

Centralized and organized data is essential to your business's success. WastePorter ensures that your data is accessible and easy to find at any time.

Your Data Stays Current

You can easily update or remove outdated data on WastePorter. Great way to ensure the company is consistently up-to-date and uses correct information.

Your Data Stays Safe And Secure

Your sensitive customer data hosted on WastePorter is protected and safeguarded on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres with enterprise-grade security.

Keep all your important data in one place
Deliver excellent service to your customers.

Deliver Excellent Service To Your Customers.

Deliver Accurate Services

Your customer gets exactly the service they ordered - the right bin type for waste - at the right time and place. WastePorter makes it possible.

Know Your Customers

Understanding your customers is vital. WastePorter contains up-to-date information about your customers, delivery addresses, and service history.

Respond As Quickly As Possible

It only takes you a few seconds to retrieve customer data and a few more seconds to update customers' orders and dispatch them to your drivers on WastePorter.

Ensure Correct Waste And Bins Are Collected.

Reduce Unnecessary Segregation Work

Wrong waste collected created more work at segregation plants, making waste service more expensive. WastePorter mobile app ensures drivers check and update waste collected onsite, with image and signature proof.

Maintain Profitability For Skip Hire Business

Actual waste collected onsite could cost more than the customer's agreed price for its disposal service, which means loss-making for your skip business. WastePorter mobile app allows your drivers to update actual waste collected, bill customers additional costs and print receipts on a portable printer.

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Ensure correct waste and bin collected.
Get real-time updates from WastePorter mobile app
Evolve from Whatsapp to WastePorter for dispatching jobs to your drivers.

Gets Real-Time Job Updates With Driver App.

Improve Communication For Outfield Workers.

WhatsApp for job dispatch commonly needs to be clarified for the drivers, resulting in disjointed communication for the entire operation. Therefore it is not a long-term solution for business communication.

WastePorter driver app improves the team's productivity by displaying explicit instructions on job time, addresses, and services and updating job status to the office in real time.

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Improve Bin Management.

Ensure Enough Bins For You Next Skip Booking

WastePorter helps you record every outgoing and incoming bin and monitors the duration of their stay at customer sites. It reduces the risk of leaving your skip bins too long and running into insufficient bins problems.

Achieve Maximum Profit For Every Skip Bin

WastePorter automates your scheduling for bin collection activities so that they can return to your yard on time, improving your ability to generate as much revenue as possible for each skip bin.

Increase bin location visibility on Google map.
WastePorter integrates billing with QuickBooks Online and Xero Online accounting software.

Integrated Billing With Quickbooks, Xero Online.

Eliminates Manual Data Entry

Establish a direct link from WastePorter to QuickBooks or Xero Online accounting software. Completed jobs ready to be billed can sync with this accounting software to generate invoices for your customers.

Accurate Accounting Data

Data is transferred digitally between WastePorter and this integrated accounting software, resulting in smoother workflows, better process efficiency and reduced human accounting error.

Automated Payroll Calculation For Drivers.

Save Time And Ensure Accuracy

Generate driver payroll reports within minutes. Using a spreadsheet to compile data and calculate drivers' pay is complex and time-consuming. WastePorter calculates driver pay based on various parameters of the trips made. These parameters are in accordance to skip hire industry practice.

More on Driver Trip Pay
Automate driver's payroll calculation on WastePorter platform.
Achieve work productivity using WastePorter platform for skip hire business.

Manage Your Operation Anywhere Anytime.

More Flexibility And Efficiency

WastePorter is a cloud-based platform for skip hire businesses to transform from traditional, offline corporations to technology-driven online companies. It enables team members to work remotely from anywhere, on any device at any hour, similarly to how you would operate in the office.

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WastePorter helps you unlock the data goldmine to deliver a better customer experience. As the world shifts its businesses online, we see an explosion of data across business units within companies. You can use this data to increase operational speed, uncover business blindspots, improve customer service and provides next-level business intelligence. WastePorter helps you to differentiate your skip hire business from the rest. You can't improve what you can't see. Get started with us and witness the transformation!

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