All-In-One Skip Hire Software System

Successful skip hire businesses leverage on technology to help them run their operations smoothly and efficiently, track customer orders, manage waste collection and monitor their fleet of vehicles. How about you?

key solutions for SKIP hire business

We make these tasks easier for you.

Manage customer accounts

Easily manage customer information, including contact details and payment history, ensures that customers are accurately billed for their usage without any discrepancies.

deliveries & collections

Schedule pickups and drop-offs with ease, set up recurring schedules or make changes on-the-fly as needed, track your vehicles and drivers, so you can keep an eye on their progress.

Dispatching drivers

Assign drivers to specific jobs based on location and availability. Helps ensure that each driver has an optimal route for their day's work, reducing travel time and fuel costs.

Track inventories

Regularly reviewing your skip bin inventory and analyzing data ensure that you have enough skips available, in different sizes and types, to meet the demands of your customers.

Generate invoices

Use online invoicing software, which can automate the creation and sending of invoices, as well as provide tracking and reporting features ensures your business is paid on time.


Utilise historical data to forecast future demand, better planning of your inventory and ensure you have enough skips available when your customers need them all seasons.


Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs while delivering better service to customers.

Real-time data insights useful for making informed decisions.
Identify operational bottlenecks and ensure smooth process flow.
Increase customers satisfaction without increasing workforce.
Continuous improvement methodology through technology.
More in depth discussion on efficiency
WastePorter Web and Mobile Interface.
WastePorter real-time job table

Work remotely and collaborate between departments within the Skip Hire company.

Facilitate a culture of open communication and teamwork.
Multiple teams can work together regardless of their locations.
Easily access updates and reports from a central location.
Avoid duplication of effort by breaking down information silos.
More on training and adoption strategies

Real-time updates on drivers' locations and job progress, assign jobs & track their completion.

Reduce driver's response time with connected mobile app.
Identify nearest available drivers for jobs and assign them.
Eliminate time wasting waiting for drivers to complete their tasks.
Unbiased metrics useful to track driver and vehicle performance.
The future of automated dispatch and routing
Skop hire software for skip bins and waste collection and disposal.
Wasteporter electronic proof of delivery (E-POD)
Paperless system

All important documents such as invoices, contracts, and receipts are stored digitally in one place.

Store important documents such as work orders and receipts.
Save space and provides easy access anywhere at any time.
Digitising important documents helps to reduce paper waste.
Access to sensitive information through user permission policy.
More on Environmental Sustainability
integrated billing

Easily generate invoices, track payments, and manage customer accounts all in one place

Sytematically streamline all billing tasks in one central location.
Remove manual tracking of payments on paper or spreadsheets.
Eliminate the need for manual data entry with synced data.
Automated invoicing offers insights into your financial performance.
Why is this a key feature in every skip hire software
WastePorter integrates billing with QuickBooks Online and Xero Online accounting software.
Driver Trip Pay Calculation.
driver's payroll

Smart system to handles multiple variables, such as daily wages, overtime pay, distance-based, job types.

Automate drivers' wages calculation saves time and reduces errors.
Providing transparent system helps to build trust with drivers.
Free up your HR department to focus on more strategic initiatives.
A system that helps you stay to compliant with labout laws.
Steps in automating driver's pay calculation

Key benefits of using Skip Hire Software

Using skip hire software has a plethora of benefits that can help streamline and automate the skip hire entire process. Key benefits for the skip hire company are:

  • Improve communications
  • Optimise resources
  • Save money and time
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Better Customer experience
  • Paperless system
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