About us

What we do, that makes a difference to waste management business.

In 3 years, we had completed our 5th turnkey project for skip bin hire customers. We saw how they used the tools we built, and the new data previously inaccessible, to make better and informed decision. We were inspired by their transformation.

Software customization is both expensive and time consuming. Our customers don't have many choices.

While most off-the-shelf solutions can offer basic job dispatching and GPS tracking functions on mobile app, they did not solve many underlying challenges unique to the skip bin business. Transactions, collections, billings remained largely manual work. We spent the last couple of years understanding this trade and developing useful tools to help streamline these businesses.

We see their challenges and our opportunities. What if we can help more skip bin companies around the globe run their business efficiently, anytime, anywhere, on any device. They can subscribe to our software and save on expensive customization fee. They can scale their business with the best skip bin software behind them.

This led to the birth of WastePorter in 2020. We believe we got the answer. WastePorter is fully committed to be the all-in-one cloud platform for skip bin hire business.

Okay, you are keen about Wasteporter, so what's next?

Get started by looking at our main page which highlights the key features that most skip bin hire business will surely use.

Dig deeper by checking out on the dozens of features that can help skip hire business digitise their business.

A bag with collected waste.
Show a manager and a worker using WastePorter software on laptop.
Waste collection worker indicating the direction to the manager.