Powerful Features to automate skip hire business

Wasteporter offers powerful features that is built to resolve issues faced by most skip bin hire business.

Scale your business with confidence, leave the fixing to us.
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Customer table that shows project sites, pricing and payment arrangement, category and billing details.

Customers skip hire sites and services overview.

A single table showing your customer list, their sites and your pricing menu for each customer. Includes payment term arrangement for each customer, their category and billing details.

Setting payment terms for customers.

Setting email recipients by project sites.

User drag the marker on the map to the correct location of the project site.

Skip bin locations and site instructions.

Geocoded project sites offer precise distance calculation in addition to the traditional near-medium-far approach. Includes site instruction for drivers, site contacts and setting default vehicles for sites.

Create service pricing for customers sites.

Skip hire pricing and waste disposal rates.

Easy price maintenance when user has a single pricing table for each customer and apply to single or multiple sites. When you want to change pricing for some sites, only change at a single place.

Create new pricing or edit old pricing easily.

Set pricing for bin-waste-service types.

Flexible job forms for multiple transport types.

Exchange bin, Put, Pull, Shift, On-the-spot job types.

Ready job templates for all common transport for single or recurring jobs. Track bins, bin types and weight, single or multiple waste types collected.

Job type options that control driver's permission for bin number, photos, signature taking, and collect payment task.

Steps validation to ensure drivers input accurate job details.

Step approach to ensure drivers complete jobs onsite with full details from the mobile app. Optionsl to enforce drivers to input bin number, photo taking, signature or collect payment.

Includes Bin ID, photos, signature options.

Cash, cheque or other payment options.

Electronic proof of delivery  with job details and photos

Email electronic proof of delivery or print job receipt onsite.

Automatically send a copy of your ePOD to your customer's email inbox as soon as your driver complete their job. Alternatively, print a job receipt on the driver's mobile app by connecting to a portable bluetooth printer.

Job auditing that tracks job changes and its progress.

Job audit trails capture job activities from start to end.

Job auditing on from job creation to completion status. Detects any changes in during the entire job progress.

Job progress from dispatch to complete.

Detect any changes in job fields.

Bill customers with lump sum jobs, bundle, ad-hoc jobs.

Skip hire jobs that links to billing rates.

Includes billable or non-billable jobs. Bill your customers for transport fee, recycling fee, ad-hoc services, or buy back without charges.

Gantt chart and job list table allow users to visualize the outstanding and completed jobs on hand.

Easy job assignment to your drivers with drag-n-drop.

Undestand total or individual job duration, internal resources used and your team's workload. Both list view or gantt chart view allow users to visualize better what needs to be done, in control of the start and completion time for all jobs and drivers.

Drag and drop to respective drivers.

Easily drag and change jobs among drivers.

Jobs are dispatched and updated real-time on the PC web browser.

Real-time job table updates. No need to click refresh button.

Asynchronous job dispatching on computer web browser and updating by drivers' mobile phones. Real time updates of job progress from job dispatching to completion, failed or cancellation. Send alerts or reminders to drivers to acknowledge and accept jobs.

Driver update job status on WastePorter apps and this is updated instantly to administrator's job table on web.

Steps-by-step validation on different job types.

Jobs are dispatched to drivers' mobile app. Each job type has its own unique steps and add-on options by drivers. For example, jobs steps that appear on driver's mobile app for "Exchange bin" job type is different from "Put bin".

Unique job steps and options for job types.

Print receipt on mobile bluetooth printer.

When jobs are completed, a billing table shows all jobs that is waiting to be billed to customers.
Finance can either create a invoice to bill customers or can create a purchase order to buy back collected waste from customers.

Bill customers for waste disposal or make purchase order for recyclable waste.

Billable jobs are pushed to Quickbook or Xero accounting software to create invoices. Buy back are pushed to these accounting software as purchase orders.

Reports can be exported or downloaded from the web.
Current reports include transport order, aging report, bin turnaround and more reports are currently in development.

Bins, waste collection and disposal Reports

View, download or print reports in excel or pdf.

Bin location and waste collections reports.

Job Billing and recylable waste purchases